avatar-test  Michał Bednarczyk / June 17

Dear Soulmate!
It’s great that you have decided to read more about the Adopt a Cover.
For us it’s crucial to explain how it works. But first, you need to get some knowledge why this is the most specific marketplace.


Fine art has undergone the revolution. The cultural offer through digital distribution is very extensive. In addition, modern technology enhances creativity on an unprecedented scale. Ableton, Fruity Loops, Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator – these tools makes creativity easier. There is more art, which means more choice and greater competition.


Before you listen to music on the internet you will see a cover.

Good design will encourage you to click play. That is why good music needs wonderful visual arts. So here we are!


Marketplace for pre-made covers

Adopt a cover is a social network for visual artists and musicians. Every artist has a profile with pre-made covers. There is a huge amount of under-appreciated art. These covers are based on existing works. Paintings, sculptures, photos or murals…


As you propably know, The process of creating new graphics can generate a lot of time. Besides, the customers are not always pleased with the final result. With Adopt a Cover it’s easy as a pie! Morover, it’s less stressful on both: artist and his customer. In the case of choosing pre-made covers, the final effect is available immediately. Musicians also save time, so they can release albums faster.


Improve music marketing

The world of music stands with open arms. Why?

All musicians needs good design. Covers show musical vision in just one glance. A coherent vision of image and sound can stand out from the crowd. Bad cover means wasted chances to gain a fan.

„Covers are dead.”

We heard once that thesis. Fortunately, the trends are quite different. There is more music publishing… And all they need promotion! All experts of online marketing claim that visual communications are the most effective.


We love digital

There are main areas that are typical of your brand equity online: brand communication, design and product characteristics. Unfortunately The Internet is full of chaos. Sometimes it is hard to find what you are looking for. There is no search engine that is able to feel the pure artism.  That is why our covers collections are selected by people, not by machines

We work with selected artists because our marketplace is for people who are serious about design. Each portfolio may contain beads that we want to have in our collections.  We want to collect as many pre-made covers as possible, but with an emphasis on quality.

Adopt a Cover is a product that focuses on meeting the needs of only the music market. That’s why our search engine is very precise. Specify a genre, mood, topic or colours and watch the most related pre-made covers.


Artistic freedom

Our marketplace is for high-quality artworks. Every artist has the right to manage his art freely. That is why our artists can determine their preference for:

-a minimum price for a license

-moral rights (an artist defines his openness to changes in artworks)

-selection of musical projects (an artist may not accept cooperation proposals)


We care about every aspect of the trade license. Just imagine that you have personal manager who has knowledge of copyright, management, economics, marketing and art. Adopt a Cover combines all of this skills into a one, smart web application.


Stock photography services do not meet the needs of artists. Our solution is different. We care about the personal rights of creators and financial conditions. We want to connect the right people in the artistic world and help to promote their artistic visions.

Join Us! Be our Soulamate in Art! You won’t regret!