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Can you imagine the music video?

Probably it’s not a problem for most of us.Especially because you have seen thousands of them. Now let’s pretend that each sound has a color. Moreover, You are painter who have to create the picture. To make it more difficult, you don’t have any paints. Just listen to the music and imagine that you keep the brush… Impossible? Not exactly.




Mixing senses

If you are one of 20 thousand lucky people, you may experience the world differently. You can be like DJ who can mixed all senses and even taste it. For some people it is a freak of nature, a phenomenon and for others an unusual gift.

The music sound can be a separate band of color. No matter if you listen to the Rolling Stones or Ludwig Van Beethoven. Every time a sound create impressive Full HD picture.

This is not the result of intoxication, but a phenomenon called synesthesia. In very simple way it can be described as insanity. Its name comes from the Greek, meaning „to perceive together”. Synesthete can hear, smell, taste or feel pain in color. For better understanding we can use an example: an ordinary man who listens to music, hears simply a sequence of sounds. Synesthetes not only hear but also see or feel the colorful sounds. Each note can have different color, shade, glow or even taste. This is about sounds but also about the letters or numbers too.


Painting music

This knowledge is widely available, it can also be used in marketing purposes. And so it is. Starbucks offers its customers more than coffee: music that they can listen at home. Why? Because they claimed that it caused better taste experience. There are many artists who have the synaesthesia and use it in their work. One of those is Melissa S. McCracken.

She describes her experience like this:

„I paint music.”

„Until I was 15, I thought everyone constantly saw colors. Colors in books, colors in math formulas, colors at concerts. […]Each letter and number is colored and the days of the year circle around my body as if they had a set point in space. But the most wonderful „brain malfunction” of all is seeing the music I hear. It flows in a mixture of hues, textures, and movements, shifting as if it were a vital and intentional element of each song. Having synesthesia isn’t distracting or disorienting. It adds a unique vibrance to the world I experience.”


Seeing a Song: Painting What She Hears

Melissa McCracken thought everyone associated colors with music the same way she did. But she soon realized that her senses were unique. The Kansas City-based artist is a synesthete, and she is able to translate sound into vivid paintings. Talk about seeing the world in a different light.


David Bowie – Life on Mars?

Melissa McCracken



Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing

Melissa McCracken



John Lenon – Imagine

Melissa McCracken



Radiohead – Karma Police

Melissa McCracken



Led  Zeppelin – Since I’ve Been Loving You

Melissa McCracken



Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

Melissa McCracken

An another famous arist with synesthesia is Pharrell Williams:
If I tell everyone right now to picture a red truck, you’re gonna see one. But is there one in real life right there in front of you? No. That’s the power of the mind. People with synesthesia, we don’t really notice until someone brings it up and then someone else says, ‘Well, no, I don’t see colors when I hear music,’ and that’s when you realize something’s different.
Williams relies on his chromesthesia when making music, saying,

“It’s the only way that I can identify what something sounds like. I know when something is in key because it either matches the same color or it doesn’t. Or it feels different and it doesn’t feel right.”

The truth is that we can we can multiply examples like these indefinitely .
The beauty of this phenomenon lies in the diversity. Synesteta is not perceived as mentally ill. Synestheta is someone who helps to create a more beautiful world. Through his paintings or music, we can also experienced it. So if you’re one of that kind of people and you can see the rainbow instead of the alphabet – just enjoy it!


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